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Laura Golding, NSW

Just wanted to say i tried your product recently on my horse who had very average hooves. I had heard about your formula and decided to give it a go, after my horse had developed his very first hoof abscess. Over the past 6 weeks since, i used your 2.5kg supplement.. and wow i can see a huge difference in the condition of all four hooves! The cracks have disappeared and his feet have strengthened up enormously. I cannot believe the condition they were in to how they are now in 6 weeks. There are no more visible lines or cracks and looks not so brittle no more. Plus he loves the pellets!
Thank you for creating such a top product that actually works!

Carli Rubinson, NSW

My horse, Tommy Two Toes, sustained an injury with a wire fence slicing through the coronary band, hoof wall and into the pedal bone. We were recommended your hoof supplement which we proceeded to feed at double strength to assist in recovery. Link Baumann, podiatrist at the Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre, Muswellbrook, was very happy with the growth of hoof and reforming of the coronary band after the cast was removed – he even stated “whatever supplement you are feeding him keep doing it.

Nadette Hodge, WA

We are convinced that the Aussie formula has made a huge difference. This is the best Captain's hooves have ever looked and the first time that he has had hooves without any major splits or cracks.

Lucy Dodd, NSW

Thank you to The Aussie Farrier Hoof Formula pellets which have been keeping our horses sound for 2 years with fantastic hooves.

Kristy Jones, QLD

This stuff is awesome. I used 3 to 4 buckets on my paint horse when I first got him 4 years ago. His feet were so thin and brittle. Farrier said he had "crap hooves" and "you'll never get a shoe to stick". 4 years later, I don't need shoes at all, he is barefoot and loving it. Nice thick round feet. I love this product.

Steph Cuisak, ACT

I have had my girl on Aussie Farrier pellets and LOVE them. I have tried many products and this one has MADE THE DIFFERENCE. She now has stronger hooves - thoroughly worth the try.

Joachim Deubel, NSW

It works!!

Lea Kingdon, QLD

Thank you…... I love the product.

Dennis Gamble, NSW

I put the customer onto your product as we used it ourselves on a stock horse that had a hoof problem - it worked great.

Narelle Breakwell, VIC

We have been using the product for ages and definitely want more!

Francine Cleland, NSW

Her shoes have stayed on three weeks longer - so it must be working!

Peter Thompson, NSW

I've been using Aussie Farrier's Hoof Growth Formula for a while now and it has been good value. Excellent levels of copper, zinc, methionine and biotin, plus half daily iodine requirements. Comes in a big bucket, lucerne-based pellets. I like the pellets because she eats them.