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INGRID's Story

Amazing recovery after nasty accident

Thank you Ingrid for the further update on your lovely horse - With great care, a good farrier and The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth pellets you have had an amazing result!

Just to recap....One of our lovely customers' horse had a terrible accident shattering her hoof in January.

With some amazing work from her farrier, great care and doubling the dosage of The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth pellets for increased growth, the 4th photo is 20 weeks after the accident and the 9 and 11 month photos showing the total recovery!

Ingrids story - day 1

Photo 1: Evening after incident - after removal of separated section of coronet band & top section of hoof wall, prior to being cast

Ingrid's story - week 4

Photo 2: When the first cast was removed at 4 weeks, lower section of hoof had detached due to hairline crack through the sole

Ingrid's story - week 7

Photo 3: 7 weeks removal of 2nd cast & a light trim in prep for her 3rd cast.......amazing result after only 3 weeks of healing from loosing that huge section of hoof that had detached. Everyone was super happy with the accelerated hoof growth achieved using The Aussie Farrier double strength Hoof Growth Formula. The quicker the hoof grew, the better the chance of a great recovery.

Ingrid's story - week 20

Photo 4: 20 weeks - The cast was removed after week 11 due to pressure sores and a heart bar shoe fitted for support. The heartbar was used for 7 weeks then she went barefoot for about 10 days which helped stimulate the frog & heels as the whole capsule has contracted from being restricted in the cast.

Ingrid's story - 9 months

Photo 5: 9 months - All healed, shod and sound!

Ingrid's story - 11 months

Photo 6: 11 months - Totally clean, strong and sound - ready for showing again

Led horse. What an amazing result and wonderful recovery - Supreme Led Part Bred Welsh at Nth & Nth West Regional Welsh Show at Tamworth on 16th December 2017.

Champion Sash