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HUCK's Story

Formulated by a vet, a farrier and a nutritionist, The Aussie Farrier Hoof supplement is a PELLETED supplement that is SO easy to feed and know it has been eaten - and it is Australian made and owned!

After months of abscesses, Deb and her lovely thoroughbred Huck have found success with The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula.

This pelleted supplement can help to create a strong, elastic hoof capsule and thicken the soles - and because it is pelleted, you can see they have eaten it!

Huck's story - photo 1

Huck had been intermittently lame since last March with abscess after abscess at the coronet band.

Huck's story - photo 2

You can see the growth from being on your supplement for 3 months now. The last abscess hole almost grown out.

Huck's story - photo 3

Happy to report that Huck is the soundest he has ever been. Can even walk on gravel without hopping and cringing!!

Huck's story - photo 4