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Owned and operated by Equine Nutritionalist, Lee-Ann
Swan, the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth formula was formulated by a leading Australian farrier and vet to assist in achieving the healthiest hooves possible for  horses in Australia’s  varied and extreme conditions. Our formula has  over 10 years of success treating horses with a diverse range of hoof conditions  including; white line disease  (WLD), thin soles, cracked walls, poor hoof quality and laminitis and injury recovery.



Active Constituents (50g contains):
Ascorbic Acid 1300 mg
Methionine 6200 mg
Sulphur 100 mg
Biotin 20 mg
Bioplex® organic Zinc 550 mg
Bioplex® organic Copper 125 mg
Choline 300 mg
Iodine 1.4 mg
A regular maintenance dose is 1 scoop (50g) per day. We recommend a 4 week double dose booster for badly damaged or weak hoof walls. Pellets can be mixed into a feed or fed directly from your hand to the horse.



The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth formula is manufactured entirely within  Australia.
Our premix is produced at an  Australian certified APVMA and Feedsafe® accredited feed manufacturer. Quality and safety in every batch is ensured using the unique quality program Bioplex Q+®.
The premix is then pellitised with Australian grown lucerne in a dedicated, specialised facility producing horse feed under the Feedsafe® accreditation.
The pellets are then sealed in 2.5kg and 7.5kg tubs to maintain freshness and ensure longevity of the active ingredients.


Developed and evolved from over 10 years of field experience, our formula uses Bioplex® organic zinc and copper to provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. 

21 years of manufacturers research shows Bioplex® trace minerals are better able to meet the demanding nutritional needs of Australian horses.

Field trials have seen hoof growth double and nails drive better within 3 weeks and substantial growth and improvement in a normal rotation of trimming or shoeing.

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Retail Distribution

Opportunities are available for retail distribution.
Please contact us on sales@aussiefarrier.com for further information.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply a quality hoof supplement that assists in achieving a strong and flexible equine hoof capsule able to withstand Australian varied and extreme conditions. These distinctive lucerne based pellets are to be manufactured in Australia with premier quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and Australian grown lucerne.